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VR Studios has a vast repetoir of Visual Basic tools that have been developed over the years.  These tools have been used in the development of many of the products that VR Studios has produced.  We are currently in the process of converting many of these tools from Visual Basic to Java.  The end result of much of this development will be the creation of a robust set of tools built upon the J2EE development environment.  Please stay tuned for further progress.

The current trend at VRStudios is to migrate these Visual Basic tools to Java servlets, JSP pages and applets.  In the beginning ot this project I quickly learned about the differences between the various hosting accounts available to handle Java based applications.  This was a pain-staking effort that, over time, proved to be a vital component in the development process. 

The main focus of interest at VR Studios falls into 3 categories of product development:

  • Productuvity Tools-

    • Over the years I have developed many productivity support tools in Visual Basic to help with day-to-day work.  Some of these tools include functionality to:

      • Convert Fortran source code to Visual Basic source code.
      • Convert Visual Basic for applications (VBA) forms to Visual Basic forms.
      • Convert Visual Basic forms to Java forms.
      • Parse raw web log files and show in a custom viewer.

    • This is only a small subset of the projects currently being migrated to Java.

  • Metaphysical Tools -

    • Astrology products are available to use here:

      1. The Astrology servlet, which uses JSP with an HTML form to communicate with a Java Servlet.
      2. The Astrology Applet, which communicates with a Java Servlet.  In this case, the Java Servlet handles all of the processing, forsarding the results to the applet using the HTTP protocol.

    • Oracle Cards is another product developed by VR Studios.  This is a metapaphysical science based on the 52 playing cards.  See for further information.

  • Nutrition Tools -

    • Nutrient Finder is a nutrition analysis product developed at VR Studios (see for further information).  This product was originally developed in Visual Basic, and then converted to PHP (try the PHP Nutrient Finder product here).
    • A Java based version of the Nutrient Finder is now available here using the Nutrition Applet link.  This version of Nutrient Finder is currently being enhanced and will allow for loading and saving groups of foods as a 'Recipe'.  Check back and keep up to date with this development.
    • Soon an HTML-Java servlet version will be available as well.

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