The Power of Nutrition (see

Nutrition has always been an important focus in my life, mainly because I have had food sensitivities for most of my years.  In the process of dealing with the many challenges that arise due to food choices, I have collected quite a bit of dietary information that has helped in coping with my sensitive body.  Love your body, bless your food, do not hurry meals, combine foods wisely, and many other mottos have been used to simplify the process of developing healthy eating habits.  To these I will add one more important factor; proper nutrition.  When meal planning includes the focus on the nutritient values of foods, a deeper understanding of the body as a whole can be achieved.  The source of this new awareness is rooted in the bio-chemical processes that operate unceasingly--and generally undirected--throughout life. 

The body is basically a factory, converting fuel (food) into energy. 
The energy is then used to do useful things like play guitar, sing, work, and of course eat.

The building blocks of nutrition are the vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  The vitamins are the organic substances that are produced by plants and animals, and the minerals are inorganic elements that plants absorb from the soil and water.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Developing a diet that is based on the proper nutrient levels will generally require some research.  What role do these nutrients play in the human physiology?  Actually, for a nutritionist this research phase is a life-long process.  But for most of us, we only need to understand enough in order to make informed choices about foods.  To aid in the process of developing a diet that is based on the nutrient values of foods, I have developed the website. 

NutrientFinder is a free public service.  However, always keep in mind that this service is not designed to diagnose or treat illness in any manner.  Always seek professional medical advice when necessary, and follow the guidelines set out by your doctor if and when provided.

At some point in the future I will develop interactive tools that will provide the baseline information necessary for nutritional self-analysis.  This includes diet planning tools, food selection tools, menu creation tools, etc.  At that point I will create a membership for those who are interested in these advanced features.

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