Stress Management Techniques

We live in a fast-paced world where stress is a common day-to-day factor.  Finding ways of coping with stress is an ongoing process that takes up much of our day, and as a result much of our time.  The amount of time that is spent dealing with stress varies from person to person, but there is one common thread that runs through society as a whole.  The more stress that we have, the more energy we expend simply managing the processes that deal with the stress.  There are three main levels through which the body deals with stress:

  • Soul Body Stress - Access to our soul body is attained through the subconscious mind.  Communication with the soul involves the awakening of the intuitive body, essentially the language of our conscience.  'Let your conscience be your guide' is an appropriate statement that reflects the process of awakening the intuition, the language of the heart.  Whenever there is a block that keeps us from experiencing this subtle aspect of self, a subconscious pattern will be indicated.  This level of self awakens as a result of trust and faith, and thus honesty is a key factor here.  When desire and intention are aligned such that honesty is paramount, trust in the self increases and with that an unshakable faith emerges.  It is faith in the self that allows the subconscious processes the freedom to play out in a way that is visible to the consciousness.  And when the conscious mind becomes aware of its subconscious drives, an awakening of the individual life purpose emerges (see

  • Mental Body Stress - The mental body is a direct reflection of our conscious mind.  Though the mind is far more vast than this simple statement promotes, it is our conscious mental patterns that most often reflect our mental state.  At the forefront of our conscious mind is a set of judgments that have been developed over time.  These judgments create the fabric through which the conscious mind views the outer world, and as a result the reason behind the judgment is often never questioned.  In order to reduce mental stress, a conscious pattern needs to be developed such that judgments be developed in the moment.  In this way, the conscious mind can expand such that judgment can be replaced by discernment, essentially a process of the intuitive body (see

  • Physical Body Stress - The physical body is the end-product of a design that originates in spirit.  The energy system of the body is the conduit through which all physical processes unfold.  In the general sense, ailments of the physical body are addressed on an as-needed basis.  Each person deals with physical stress in their own unique way, but there is one common technique used for centuries that addresses this common ailment.  Therapeutic touch is a practice used by both animals and humans, and is probably the oldest known method for reducing physical body stress.  Though physical body stress works on the densest layer of our self, it is very often the end-product of deeper seated stresses that originate in the mental and/or soul bodies.  Therefore, a holistic approach to dealing with physical stress involves therapeutic massage, energy rebalancing and other body work therapies, as well as the techniques described above.

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