Christopher Littlefield has been providing custom software solutions to businesses and individuals since the early 1980's.

The core purpose of this business is to provide products and services that will enhance the life and experience of individuals on both a personal and group level.  Software development is a primary function as it is the backbone of all services that are offered.

As a software engineer I always look for patterns in my code to see if there is any way to simplify the design in order to reuse or extend functional processes.  Doing so makes the code more readible, maintainable and secure.  The concept of simplification is important here, as it is a fundamental practice in many scientific endeavours, especially mathematics.  In math you always want to simplify the results.

With software, you want to simplify the design by organizing the tasks into related groups, and to then describe what the groups do and how they interact with each other.  You then build the object model according to that blueprint.  Each object in the blueprint represents an archetype of sorts, and these archetypes work together to provide an overall service or function.  By looking at these objects as archetypes, I can envision the whole architecture by just looking at a few interrelated symbols.  This may not be so important when working on a small project, but it becomes increasingly useful as the project size or complexity grows.

  • VR Studios is my software development business unit.

Along with being a software developer, I am a researcher.  I love to follow threads of information--allowing my seeking interest to be guided from within.  Solutions do not always appear right away, but when they do I feel a real burst of energy.  In the process of seeking, I often build tools to help with managing the information. 

  • The NutrientFinder is a tool that I built that helps in analyzing the nutrient values of foods.  I originally built this for myself but later decided to provide it as a public free service.  In the future I may provide enhanced tools for those who want to build recipe lists based around maximizing the nutrient values most desired. 
  • The OracleCards project is a self-transforming science based on a study of the playing cards.  While studying the science of the playing cards, I have been guided to advanced information that has helped to uncover hidden patterns resident in my unconscious.  Making visible these unconscious processes is a fundamental aspect of this self-transforming science. The science essentially represents the rules of a game that is governed by 2 fundamental principals, being the 'state of perfection', and the 'separation' from that perfect state.  The website outlines the dynamics of how the game unfolds, and points out the archetypes that are involved in the play.  Advanced tools are provided which open a window into the reference material, allowing it to be viewed from various angles.  The tools then act as a training device as the user becomes better acquainted with the depth of the reference.


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